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How to Chose a Foam Roller

Foam rollers differ considerably in size, shape and material. By determining your primary use for a roller, you can buy one that fits your needs. 

We have an infographic if you would prefer!


Choose a white foam roller if you are starting off. Foam rolling can be painful initially as tight muscles are pushed upon with your full body weight but white rollers are made of less dense polyethylene foam to allow some movement between your body and the roller.

Choose a blue coloured foam roller for advanced core-stabilization or a medium amount of massage pressure. These rollers are made of closed cell polyethelene foam and are common in pilates classes.

Choose a black foam roller if you are experienced using a foam roller or desire hard pressure for self-massage. Although most black foam rollers are also made of polyethelene, they are manufactured under high heat, making them smoother, denser and less porous. 


Choose a long 90 cm / 36 inch foam roller if you intend to use it on your back as it will allow you to roll with it perpendicular to your back, without fear of falling off the ends. It can also be used to create proper alignment by laying on it with the roller parallel to your spine.


Only select 30 cm / 12 inch foam roller if you intend to transport it regularly (for a weekly pilates class, for example). These rollers are a very narrow fit across most shoulders and should not be purchased if you think you will use it for your back.


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